Double Sleeping Bags

Two Person Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

Finally, you no longer have to sleep apart with these great double sleeping bags. When it is time to go to sleep, make sure to get into the same sleeping bag with your loved one. These 2-person sleeping bags will not only keep you two close, they will also keep you warm throughout the night. All of our sleeping bags are made with the high quality material that you expect out of Blackpine Sports. Now, when you go camping you will not have to sacrifice any comfort.

Grizzly’s two person sleeping bags are some of the largest in the industry. Boasting a 90” by 65” wide bag our bags will make you feel like a king in camping spot. Our two person cold weather sleeping bags are also useful on any camping trip, cause you never know when that storm may roll in. Purchase our two person sleeping bag and feel the comforts of home, but outdoors.

Sasquatch +20 2-Person Sleeping Bag

Big, soft, 2-Person bags. Feel the quality.


Grizzly 2-Person Ripstop -25 Sleeping Bag

Grizzly 2 person sleeping bag. Two person sleeping bags will keep you warm despite cold temperatures.


Grizzly 2-Person Ripstop +25 Degree Sleeping Bag

This Grizzly 2 person sleeping bag is a double sleeping bag that will keep you warm in 25 degree temperatures


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