Black Pine Sports


Blackpine Sports invites you to experience the outdoors with exceptional products you can trust to be reliable and comfortable in the mountains, campsite or backyard. Since 1999, Blackpine Sports has had you covered with the coziest sleeping bags, the best in family camping tents (including the highly acclaimed Pine Deluxe 6 Turbo Tent, a heavy duty 6 person tent), backpacking gear, self-inflating air mattresses and more. At Blackpine Sports, only the highest quality materials and workmanship are put into our products to give you a comfortable camping experience. So whether its car camping, relaxation or high adventure backpacking, Blackpine Sports has the camping supplies you need.

In addition to all of our Blackpine Sports camping gear, we also feature excellent Backside backpacking equipment and exceptional Grizzly sleeping bags. Our Grizzly sleeping bags come in many different types, such as our Grizzly 2 Person Canvas -0 Sleeping Bag and our Grizzly -0 Ripstop Sleeping Bag. We have luxurious sleeping bags for everyone in the family, heavy duty sleeping bags for backpackers and 2-person sleeping bags that are cozy for couples. Each Grizzly sleeping bag is built with double-layer offset quilting, oversized draft tubes and chest baffles, and microfiber insulation to ensure that when you’re sleeping in a Grizzly sleeping bag, you will always have a great night’s sleep. Regardless of what your outdoor aspirations may be, Blackpine Sports has the best camping gear, guaranteed to make all of your outdoor adventures a success. 

Turbo Tent and Grizzly Sleeping bags