About Blackpine Sports

Blackpine Sports is a family owned camping company out of Salt Lake City, Utah who believes that the product has got to "work as good as it looks."  Since we put so much effort into our looks we've got to work extra hard to make sure the products are built to surpass the expectations. Quality, design, form, function, passion, enjoyment, and satisfaction all play a part in our vision & attitude.

Our goal is to provide luxury family camping that you can rely on. We want for you and your family to focus on making memories, and not worrying about tent set up, or faulty tent equipment. Our tents set up quick and easy and last through any weather. Our sleeping bags will keep you warm and comfortable, giving you peace of mind.

Our high quality products will leave you more time for hiking, hunting, backpacking, or just relaxing at the campsite and enjoying the view! "Roughing it" doesn't have to be rough.

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Turbo Tent and Grizzly Sleeping bags