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Grizzly Sleeping Bags

Hunta's Classic -15 Sleeping Bag

Canvas bag with warm fleece lining for cold seasons.


Black Pine Big Foot -0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Big bag with superior comfort.


Blackpine Bliss -0 Mummy Bag

Mummy bags designed with comfort in mind.


Blackpine Nitestar +20 Sleeping Bag

Incredibly soft and warm for all camping outings


Comfort Tour +20 Sleeping Bag

A great bag for the backyard to the mountain.


Graystar +20 Mummy Bag

Hyperloft filled mummy bag for supreme comfort.


Hunta's Classic +20 Sleeping Bag

Snuggle up with the Classic fleece lined bag.


Hunta's Classic +35 Sleeping Bag

The Hunta's Classic camping gear sleeping bag is cozy and warm with a fleece liner.


Nirvana +0 Degree Mummy Bag

Never want to sleep in anything else again.


Sasquatch +20 2-Person Sleeping Bag

Big, soft, 2-Person bags. Feel the quality.


Sasquatch -0 Degree 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Two-person, two-layer bag for ultimate comfort.


The Big Johnson +20 Sleeping Bag

A great, warm, comfortable sleeping bag!


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